Additional Services

Apart from the two main services of sound design and mixing, the studio offers additional side services listed below.

Audio Restoration

Poor quality audio is unfortunately quite common…but, we might be able to fix it! We offer audio restoration services for a myriad of audio recordings which have unwanted material, be it clicks or noise (such as HVAC, or background noise) recorded audio on set, and also removal of clipping/distortion. Restoration can only however work up to a certain extent, and only makes sense to the point where it is transparent. We will advice you beforehand if your audio file can be properly restored or not.

In summary, we can do the following to your audio files:

  • remove pops from a vocal track. Pops can originate from plosives when recording too close to the microphone.
  • remove hum, clicks and crackles and other unwanted noises.
  • remove/clean rumble and low frequency content from your recording.
  • remove particular sounds such as a siren sound caught in a recording.
  • match room tones from different recordings.
  • reduce reverberation from audio file, a process known as de-reverberation.
  • restore clipped files (to a certain extent). Clipping occurs when a sound source is recorded ‘too hot’ for the recorder being used which in-turn cannot handle such levels, and thereby some information from the source is completely lost.

But remember, this does not mean that you can go and record without knowing some recording basics. It is always better to capture a sound source correctly from the start rather than fixing it after!

Get in touch to find out how we can fix your audio file or if you would like some tips on recording.

Podcast Production

Podcasts are very common in today’s internet age and their success depends on the material and the quality that the material is presented in. We provide a whole podcast production package, including recording, jingles, and final delivery of the podcast ready for iTunes or any other desired platform.

Get in touch.

Audio Books

As the name implies, audio books (sometimes also referred to as audio dramas) tell a story aurally. Hence, as with podcasts productions, quality audio is key to provide an immersive experience of the story (primarily through a professionally recorded voice actor), possibly along with background music and/or ambiences and effects.

Get in touch if you want to tell a great story via this medium.


The studio also offers services to small and large-scale companies that can have different requirements that pertain to audio, such as restoration of audio files from video shoots, editing and design of podcasts and other requirements that may arise when working on certain projects.


I also offer consultancy services for a diverse range of applications. Unfortunately, throughout the years I encountered a lot of situations where there is poor quality audio, most commonly with PA setups or due to architectural constraints. I find that this is usually due to the lack of interest from the person involved in setting up the system or due to lack of knowledge in such. Therefore I would like to help users achieve quality setups to improve user experience. Some of these applications might include the following:

  • home theatre setup
  • studio construction and acoustic treatment requirements
  • sound proofing requirements and how to interpret ST classifications
  • Church / place of worship / theatre PA setup and requirements
  • microphone choice and handling
  • other technical queries

Get in touch if you’re having any trouble with your sound installation. Don’t let technical issues ruin your experience with sound!

Another form of consultancy is also offered to game and film developers. If you have any doubts on how to approach the sound design aspect to your project, I’m here to help. While you take care of what you’re best at, I can advice and give suggestions on the sound requirements needed in your project. Of course, this requires good communication between the producer / game designer so as to achieve the best results.