Music Mixing

Please send your premasters through WeTransfer to

Files should be at least 16bit, 44.1kHz (or higher) WAV or AIFF. Kindly include all the necessary data that pertains to your files in a zip folder, including track names, ID, and positions for vinyl masters.

Remember that mastering depends a lot on the desired end format, so think ahead and prepare your sessions accordingly. I recommend that your sessions are always at 24bit, 48kHz (at least) at recording/production stage, unless your intended medium is only CD (which is 16bit-44.1kHz as per Red Book Standards).


Digital mixing session

Stems @ 90,-EUR/track

Multi-track @ 100,-EUR/track

Digital & Tape mixing session

Stems @ 130,-EUR/track

Tracks @ 160,-EUR/ track

(above rates include 1 set of revisions. From there on a studio fee of 30,-EUR/ hour applies. Attended sessions come with an additional charge of 25,-EUR.)