Game Sound Design

The studio offers the following game audio related services (as a complete package or separately as required):

  • sound design of all elements within the game (that require sound) as organised audio files, mastered and ready for whatever the game requires (such as loops / one shots, stems, etc.);
  • audio integration and implementation (via samples or middleware) in game engine;
  • final mix in game engine at rendering stage.

Typical sound design requirements include the following:

AmbienceSound FX


These elements are at the core of every sound design project. While not all projects might require all of these elements, we can tailor for individual sounds according to your needs. All sounds will be delivered to you mastered and ready for implementation into the game engine, with proper naming corresponding to the game calls.

The studio currently uses Wwise for audio integration with the game engine. Middleware software creates a bridge between the game engine and the sound engine. It has several benefits over implementing samples straight into the game engine, especially when it comes to randomisation and interactive/adaptive audio. Talk to us if you would like to learn more about this and how it can be implemented with your project.

Furthermore, the studio also provides support during the project duration on sound implementation according to the game requirements, such as setting up reverb zones, and what game calls need to be set up for particular sounds. Let us worry about the physics of sound and how it should work within your game engine to provide a realistic and immersive experience.