Music Credits:

  • Anthony Saliba – Nwara // [Indie] Mastering
  • EchoretteAnaga EP (Dresden) [Indie] // Stem Mixing and Mastering
  • Shifka ChiefsEl Picante Marroqui And Khali Lombos Kilamba On Their Fantastic Journey To Planet Mayunz (Israel/Berlin) [Twintoe Records] // Recording and Mixing Engineer
  • Tourette Boys – Zorn LP (Berlin / Dresden) [Indie] // [In production]
  • Tourette Boys & Gaffa GhandiFolter & Strafe EP (Berlin/Dresden) [Setalight Records] // Recording & Mixing Engineer for Tourette Boys
  • Tourette BoysKaiser LP (Berlin / Dresden) [Indie] // Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer
  • Renard Ce Soir LP (Australia/Berlin) [In production] // Recording Engineer
  • Shifka Chiefs – Shifka Chiefs LP (Israel/Berlin) [Twintoe Records] // Mixing Engineer and Assistant Recording Engineer
  • AbbyHexagon LP (Berlin) [Universal Music GmbH] // Assistant Recording Engineer on “Time is Golden
  • Graham Candy – Plan A (New Zealand/Berlin) [BMG] // Assistant Recording Engineer on “Home”, “90 Degrees”, “Heart of Gold”, “Paid a Nickle”
  • Cherry BandoraDert Ortağım Benim 7″ (Israel/Berlin) [Batov Records] // Assistant Recording Engineer
  • DulacFour Summers EP (Berlin) [Sic Life] // Assistant Recording Engineer


  • Open Doors USA
  • SALT Technologies, UK

Game Sound Design: 

  • Delta Games – For the Realm (SMI GDC 2016 Entry)

Live Productions:

  • A1 on several conferences, including IBM, Microsoft EMEA, THU, Delta Summit, Tork, EBU and others.
  • Recording and FOH with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra
  • FOH and monitor engineer for X Factor Malta, seasons 1, 2 and 3
  • A1 for ABC Shark Tank Malta
  • Live broadcast engineer for several productions, including the NYE national event 2021/2022, and live concerts. 
  • A1 on several theater productions, including ‘Family Adams’ and ‘il-Fidwa tal-Bdiewa’.