I also offer consultancy services for a diverse range of applications. Unfortunately, throughout the years I encountered a lot of situations where there is poor quality audio, most commonly with PA setups or due to architectural constraints. I find that this is usually due to the lack of interest from the person involved in setting up the system or due to lack of knowledge in such. Therefore I would like to help users achieve quality setups to improve user experience. Some of these applications might include the following:

  • home theatre setup
  • studio construction and acoustic treatment requirements
  • sound proofing requirements and how to interpret ST classifications
  • Church / place of worship / theatre PA setup and requirements
  • microphone choice and handling
  • other technical queries

Get in touch if you’re having any trouble with your sound installation. Don’t let technical issues ruin your experience with sound!

Another form of consultancy is also offered to game and film developers. If you have any doubts on how to approach the sound design aspect to your project, I’m here to help. While you take care of what you’re best at, I can advice and give suggestions on the sound requirements needed in your project. Of course, this requires good communication between the producer / game designer so as to achieve the best results.