Portfolio: Game Audio Projects


The first preview is from a game production that I worked on during my studies at SAE. I prepared a short excerpt from a level within the game, following the player through the different areas within the game environment, whilst making some kills.

Tower Defense

First game sound design project for 2016 was for an indie game developed for GDC Malta 2016 with the theme ‘treasure map’. The game is a tower defense game for Android. The game was developed together with a group of programmers and the studio worked on all audio-related content including implementation (with the help of one of the programmers, Nicky). The project involved designing ambiences for each of the 7 levels within the game. In the actual game, the music is implemented adaptively to intensify according to incoming enemy waves and was implemented in Unity as separate loop stems; final mixing was done within the Unity engine. The sounds included a mixture of royalty free loops and originally recorded and produced sound effects, given the limited production time. Some of the sound effects included coin increase, lack of coins, arrow shots, loss of level, amongst a few others. The game took 2nd place out of 5 groups.


Slot Games

The following is a demo for an igaming company based in Malta.



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