Sound FX

All the required SFX that make the game/animation come to life, including explosions, weapon sounds, monster sounds, etc. These can be a combination of recording, synthesizing or manipulation of pre-recorded samples. We create tailor made effects according to your requirements and budget, using latest equipment and software.

Another form of sound effects is Foley. Foley refers to the art and technique of mimicking ‘on-screen’ objects and movements (known as diegetic sounds) that require sound, such as punches, footsteps, door squeaks and many others. One common example is the use of a watermelon to mimic the sound of a skull being crushed. A master of such art (and sound design in general) is surely Ben Burtt. Watch him here talk about the sound design for Wall-E to understand the depth and complexity that Foley can take and how it makes an animation or moving picture come to life.